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Job Says He Has Become a Byword

1 My spirit is consumed, my days are extinct, the grave is ready for me.   E RUChI ChBLA IMI NZOKU QBRIM LI   א רוחי חבלה ימי נזעכו קברים לי
2 Surely there are mockers with me, and mine eye abides in their provocation.   B EM-LE AThLIM OMDI UBAMRUThM ThLN OINI   ב אם-לא התלים עמדי ובהמרותם תלן עיני
3 Give now a pledge, be surety for me with Yourself; who else is there that will strike hands with me?   G ShIMA-NE ORBNI OMK MI AUE LIDI IThQO   ג שימה-נא ערבני עמך מי הוא לידי יתקע
4 For You have hid their heart from understanding; therefore shall You not exalt them.   D KI-LBM TsFNTh MShKL OL-KN LE ThRMM   ד כי-לבם צפנת משכל על-כן לא תרמם
5 He that denounces his friends for the sake of flattery, even the eyes of his children shall fail.   A LChLQ IGID ROIM UOINI BNIU ThKLNA   ה לחלק יגיד רעים ועיני בניו תכלנה
6 He has made me also a byword of the people; and I am become one in whose face they spit.   U UATsIGNI LMShL OMIM UThFTh LFNIM EAIA   ו והציגני למשל עמים ותפת לפנים אהיה
7 Mine eye also is dimmed by reason of vexation, and all my members are as a shadow.   Z UThKA MKOSh OINI UITsRI KTsL KLM   ז ותכה מכעש עיני ויצרי כצל כלם
8 Upright men are astonished at this, and the innocent stirs up himself against the godless.   Ch IShMU IShRIM OL-ZETh UNQI OL-ChNF IThORR   ח ישמו ישרים על-זאת ונקי על-חנף יתערר
9 Yet the righteous holds on his way, and he that has clean hands waxes stronger and stronger.   T UIEChZ TsDIQ DRKU UTAR-IDIM ISIF EMTs   ט ויאחז צדיק דרכו וטהר-ידים יסיף אמץ
10 But as for you all, do you return, and come now; and I shall not find a wise man among you.   I UEULM KLM ThShBU UBEU NE ULE-EMTsE BKM ChKM   י ואולם כלם תשבו ובאו נא ולא-אמצא בכם חכם
11 My days are past, my purposes are broken off, even the thoughts of my heart.   IE IMI OBRU ZMThI NThQU MURShI LBBI   יא ימי עברו זמתי נתקו מורשי לבבי
12 They change the night into day; the light is short because of darkness.   IB LILA LIUM IShIMU EUR QRUB MFNI-ChShK   יב לילה ליום ישימו אור קרוב מפני-חשך
13 If I look for the nether-world as my house; if I have spread my couch in the darkness;   IG EM-EQUA ShEUL BIThI BChShK RFDThI ITsUOI   יג אם-אקוה שאול ביתי בחשך רפדתי יצועי
14 If I have said to corruption: 'You are my father', to the worm: 'You are my mother, and my sister';   ID LShChTh QREThI EBI EThA EMI UEChThI LRMA   יד לשחת קראתי אבי אתה אמי ואחתי לרמה
15 Where then is my hope? As for my hope, who shall see it?   TU UEIA EFU ThQUThI UThQUThI MI IShURNA   טו ואיה אפו תקותי ותקותי מי ישורנה
16 They shall go down to the bars of the nether-world, when we are at rest together in the dust.   TZ BDI ShEL ThRDNA EM-IChD OL-OFR NChTh   טז בדי שאל תרדנה אם-יחד על-עפר נחת

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

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